Topics: Poverty, Philippines, Metro Manila Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Jacob Ramius P. Radaza
“Different walks of life”
The BBC Documentary entitled “The Toughest place to be a Bus Driver” is all about a British bus driver named Josh west, who wants to spice up his life. He yearns for a whole new experience, wanting to drive a bus in the Philippines where drivers don’t follow traffic rules and don’t know the Priority (right of way). The moment he arrived at Philippines he met up with a local jeepney driver named Rogelio Castro, and lived with him. Rogelio as a jeepney driver is the driver of the vehicle and at the same time the conductor of it. Josh accompanied Rogelio to have a feel of how to be a jeepney driver. Josh experienced firsthand of how chaotic and congested the streets of Manila are. After a while of observing Rogelio, it was his turn to drive the jeepney. He encountered the difficulties of being a driver and a conductor but with persistence and hard work, he was able to accomplish his goal, and that is to be a bus driver in the Philippines and finish a route. In his ten days stay in the Philippines, he can’t ignore but notice that poverty is widespread. Even though poverty can be felt everywhere he went, he still saw how the people managed with hard work and perseverance to meet their daily needs.

As what the viewers can see in the film, Rogelio once lived in a rural area but chose to move to an urban area to seek for better opportunities so that he will be able to provide for the basic needs of his family. Back in his province, fishing was the main livelihood of the residents, but because of the lack of fishing equipment and the scarce population of the fishes, fishermen only earn a small amount of income. Due to this reasons, Rogelio decided to move to Manila even though the area was quite overpopulated. He then looked for a decent job so that he’ll be able to supply for his family’s necessities. I’d like to set an example, my Aunts opted to work abroad for better work opportunities, and provide...
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