Jainism & Sikhism

Topics: Sikhism, Sikh, Guru Granth Sahib Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Jainism & Sikhism

Jainism is generally a religion that surfaced from India. This religion follows the idea of peace and non-violence towards not only humans but, all the living creatures of the world. It is also known as Shraman, Dharma, or Nirgantha because it teaches self reliance. According to this religion, a person or soul has to conquer his inner enemies in order to get to the state of Jina. This is essentially a “superior human being”. Also, they have a comparative smaller number of followers, mostly located in India. On the other hand, Sikhism is a religion that also originated from Punjab region of India. It is completely different than Janism because it was established under the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his successors. It is established on the principles of Justice, faith and Waheguru which means one God. It also preaches the ideals of peace. Self reliance and non-violence but these are secondary. As the primary concern is to attain salvation through mediation in the name of God, following the teachings of Guru Nanak. The Jains are strictly vegetarian. Sikhs are not vegetarian. There are, however, some group or cults of Sikhism who encourage being a vegetarian. The majority of Sikhs believe that eating meat is left up to the individual's conscience in Sikhism, as it will not affect spirituality. Most Sikhs are meat-eaters and decry vegetarians as daal khorey (lentil-eaters. The food served in the Sikh temples is invariably vegetarian in order to accommodate all sections of society. Jains do not believe in the concept of a God responsible for the manifestation of the Creation. They believe the universe is eternal, without beginning or end, and that all happens in an autonomous fashion with no necessity of a co-coordinator/God. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion, believing in the singular power of the Formless Creator God, without a parallel universe. In the Guru Granth Sahib, God is called by all the Hindu names and as Allah as...
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