Topics: China, Sociology, Civilization Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 10, 2011
During the classical period two early civilizations appeared. Ancient Athens arose with its intelligence and love for the human physique, while Han China arose with its strong beliefs of religion and love of nature. Even though Han China and Ancient Athens both have politically strong governments, they are very different in cultural beliefs and social structure because of how they treat women and how they feel about infanticide of babies.

The social structure of Ancient Athens and Han China are different in two major ways. In document B, Ancient Athens is shown to have slaves that are more than a third of the total population. In document C, Han China is shown to have slaves that are less than 7% of the total population. Documents B and C shows a big difference between the slave populations of the civilization. Another difference between the social structures of the two civilizations is the treatment of women. Document Q shows that Athenian women did not have many rights but they had the ability to divorce. While document R shows that Chinese women had almost no rights. Chinese women had to put others first, not mention their needs, and endure insults without question. These characteristics of Chinese women show that they had almost no rights. In document R, Ban Zhao uses a proud tone to show she believed that qualities such as putting others first and enduring insults were what people respected of women. Documents Q and R shows that women from both civilizations did not have many rights, but Athenian women did have more rights than Chinese women. A document that would have aided in the comparison of Athens and Han China is a document from an Athenian noble woman’s perspective, because it could be compared to Ban Zhao’s account of Chinese women and to see if Athenian women were just as accepting of their lower role in society.
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