Jails and Prisons

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Jails and Prisons
Julia Blair
23 October 2012
Bernard Fitchpatrick

Jails and Prisons
Many people use the term “Jail” and “Prison” as is they were one in the same, however while they both provide a form of supervised detention, there is a distinguishably and significant difference between them. There are three different types of prisons; jails, states prisons, and federal prisons. A jail is a regional, county, or city confinement facility that has custodial authority over adults being detained (University of Phoenix, 2012). Individuals housed in a jail have been sentenced for less than a year and receive minimal service and programs due to the transient nature of the facility. A Jail also houses a wide variety of individuals; not all there for punishment. Some are detained for protective custody, contempt of court, and individuals awaiting arraignment. This ever changing variety creates great challenges; they include juveniles, men, women, hardened criminals, uncooperative journalist, sick people, and first time offenders. Jails may also have community-based programs such as home detention or work release. Prison, on the other hand is a state or federal confinement facility that has custodial authority over adults sentenced to confinement (University of Phoenix, 2012). It houses individuals sentenced to a minimum of one year for crimes committed. They may be specializes by security level, gender, and criminal type. Community programs are not normally available however they do have educational, mental health care and drug abuse treatment programs. Early release of prisons do occur, however after time served. There are some major differences between jails and prisons, the county jail I selected for comparison is Kern County in Bakersfield, California and the state prison is Folsom. Kern County is a detentions bureau that operates numerous small jails in the local area. They are responsible for the main reception center at the Central...

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