Jail and Prisons Checkpoint

Topics: Criminal justice, Prison, Corrections Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Checkpoint: Jails and Prisons Response
When one observes the prison system in the present day there seems to be a considerable amount of facilities that contain inmates. The location that a criminal is stationed in becomes agreed upon by whatever was carried out wrongly or upon the type of crime perpetrated along with the individual’s mental stage. The collective four penitentiaries that will be presented are county and local jails, federal prisons, private prisons, and state prisons. The main dissimilarity in private penitentiaries is being commissioned through government in the direction of supporting the facility to be similar to federal and state penitentiaries. There for private facilities would be able to have space available for the government establishments in order to support and avoid over-crowding. An example of major concepts of a prison exists with the overall institute. This implies each person within the penitentiary and each and every inmate’s time remains under rigorous restriction. This is similar to boot camp in the military because an individual is taken away from his or her self-control. Every single activity is intended to allow inmates to comprehend one another in a group and aimed in the direction of one reasoned objective. The situation could be unmanageable for averting individuals together and encounters to stay controlled because these situations are excluded and individualized interaction between prisoners are restrained. Jails and prisons play a massive role in our criminal justice system. The amenities create a location for many aggressive and chronic offenders to be placed at in order for society to remain secure. These facilities as well ensure rehabilitative institutes that permit the criminals to become taken care of and advocated in order for them to become a beneficial affiliate in our humanity when they are discharged. However, in difficult cases, jails and prisons can aid as the area for career lawbreakers to...
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