Jail and Prison Paper

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Jail and Prison Paper
Jail and Prison Paper
Under our criminal justice system in the United States the judicial system is authorized to confine persons convicted of crimes. This confinement, whether before or after a criminal conviction, is called incarceration. Incarceration is ones of the forms of punishment for the commission of illegal offenses. Incarceration is the detention of a person in a jail or prison. Offenders are held in jails and prisons throughout our country, convicted of various crimes and offenses. The nature of the offense determines where the prisoner is held and the lengths of time. Jails are for convicted criminals to have been generally sentenced to under a year. Prisons contain offenders who convicted criminals that are confined for at least a year. This paper will discuss the differences and the comparison of jails and prisons while referencing a local jail, “Citrus County Detention Facility and a state prison, “Taylor Correctional Institution”. Jails play an important role in our criminal justice system for the reasons of that they detain criminals to help keep up with the incoming offender population and when offenders are within the jails it gives the judicial system time to figure out who should be committed to prison. Jails hold detainees such as protective custody, contempt of court, or pending arraignment. Jails detainees include juveniles, men, women, hardened criminals, sick people and first time offenders. Prisons play a different important role in our criminal justice system for that they confine prisoners convicted for at least a year to a lifetime. Prisons unlike jails separate prisoners based on specialized needs and security rating, by gender, and criminal type. Both jails and prisons do offer community based correctional programs just different types. Jails community based programs include things such as home detention, or work release, where prisons community based programs offer education,...
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