Jail and Prison Comparison Paper

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Jail and Prison Comparison Paper


September 23, 2013

Ken Salmon

Jail and Prison Comparison Paper
Various types of facilities to incarcerate criminals exist all over the country. Federal prisons, state prisons, and county jails are facilities designed to incarcerate criminals. The county operates county jails, the state operates state prisons, and the federal government operates federal prisons. The operation of these facilities is basically similar but, house various types of criminals. Like spokes of a wheel, jails are important in the wheel of justice. Jails serve as a facility that houses those individuals accused of crimes and have been arrested but, have not yet had a trial. These individuals have not been found guilty but, there is enough evidence that this person committed the crime. Another reason someone would be detained in jail is they were unable to post bail either they could not afford it or it was not offered to them. Those individuals that have been found guilty by a jury or but their own admission with a plea bargain, who are serving one year or less also can be detained and incarcerated in jail. Jails differ from prison in that prisoners in prison have been through a trial or plea bargain and have received their sentence. Various types of individuals are incarcerated in jails and for varying crimes. Living conditions of early jails were deplorable. Originally, jails were meant to only detain offenders who were awaiting trial. Between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries jails held people that were homeless, vagrant, and mentally ill. Jails were filthy, little to no food was given, no medical care, and no bedding. A big problem for jails was violence and little to no discipline (CJi Interactive). Jails in early America were similar to jails of England. The jails housed criminals waiting for their trial to start. These jails were often one room that could hold many prisoners. No matter the age, gender, or...

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