Jai Shree Krishna

Topics: Krishna, Color, Arjuna Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: August 13, 2011
As a child I remembered Janamashtami (J) for the gobinda aala re song. Boys would form a ring, one floor after another till one of them broke the earthen pot, the curd spilling out. I loved it and always stood next to these guys hoping that some of the curd would fall on me.

J is the birthday or janamdin of Lord Krishna (K). On this day he was born in Mathura. We are inspired by his stories for infinity. Lord K was an incarnation of Vishnu. His incarnation has had a profound impact on Indian culture, philosophy, civilization as none other.

K is Sanskrit means Dark indicating the Supreme Consciousness. Darkness is not to be confused with light. It exists in the life of men who remained rooted in terrestrial experiences i.e. some one who is attached to the materialistic objects of the world.

The incarnation of K represents the descent of the Infinite Brahman ( a person who has is self-realized, reached nirvana. ) K has always been known to have a Blue color with Yellow clothes. The Blue color is associated with the infinite like the blue sky, sea. ( not Mumbai ka polluted sea which is greyish black.) Yellow is accepted as the color of the earth, since the earth when introduced into a colorless flame emits a yellow hue. Hence these colors indicate that the Pure, Infinite Consciousness of K that has descended on earth to play a finite role.

K was born in Mathura. His tyrant uncle Kamsa, imprisoned his father, usurped the throne of Mathura creating confusion and chaos. K destroyed the tyrants and restored peace in the land. Taking the logic forward to man. Every human being is born a good person, pure. However, sometimes his mind gets taken over by two evil forces i.e. ego and ego-centric desires which cause agitation’s and anxieties within. When a man conquers these two evils peace gets restored.

K has been criticized for dancing amongst the Gopis. K, the Infinite Brahman had reached the stage of Divine Consciousness. Inspite of being in...
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