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Topics: Human, Positive psychology, Nature Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: April 28, 2014

Why did the shepherd woman do what she did?Shepherd woman was very genuine and she was innocent enough to help anybody who was in needof help. She being in a remote village was natural and was kind enough to understand other peopleand empathize with them. She believed in unconditional helping to other people as s he didn’t expect

anything from him in return. Being close to nature tells us something about life that being in concrete human civilization can’t tell.

What do you think Jai learnt from his experience?Jai learnt many things from his experience. He learnt that life is unpredictable and the circumstancesaround us can change any moment. He learnt about the importance of luck and destiny in whateverwe do. He learnt about why helping a person unconditionally is important in whatever way possible.He learnt an important lesson that preparation and planning may not always work, we have to beready for the unexpected. He learnt about the importance of others help, in survival or in thesuccess of an individual. 

What should Jai do after he recovers?After Jai recovers he should go and meet the woman first and give his gratitude to her. Money is notthe appropriate thing to give as money can only be given to which is valued but what she has doneto him is priceless, and also money is of no importance to her. He should be glad and thank god thatshe helped him. He should try and maintain some relationship with her may be like a brother so thatwhen in future if she needs his help he may be able to help her. And also we should understand thatnot all the debts can be paid in life.
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