Jai Gurudev Tere Naam Ke Siva Mujhe Kuch Bhi Yaad Nahi....................

Topics: Failure, Change, Life Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: February 5, 2013
I AM THE LEGEND IF THE LIFE GOES WORST U BECOME WORST…………… me the name I give to fame because I know how iam.....Iam the legend................ enjoy the story of love,action,and-THE END............. only u are the immense store of energy in unverse no one can beat u because we r god it takes many year to being but do not fear from fear do fight against ur fear because after fear is a path of ur real success keep changing in your self changing is a part of life Become hero of your own life..by knowning nothing just know yourself then u know that the world of imagination starts when our eyes is closewhatever happens in your life do not cry if happens bad then try to improve if we are unable to do so think that what ever happens in our life is the will of god give your 100% persent only I never give hahhahahhaha.. but I make plan and overcome this it helps to recover of loss I have..... UNSUCCESS FULL PERSON BUT EVERY UNSUCCESS FULL OR FALIURE PERSON HAVE DEEP IN THERE THOUGHT.ALWAYS REMEMBER Tajurba Insan Ko Ghalat Faisle Se Bachata Hai . . . Magar . . . Tajurba Ghalat Faisle Hi Se Hasil Hota Hai". ../... YOU ALSO GATHER EXPERIENCE BY YOUR WRONG DECCISSION ONLY ACCEPT YOUR MISTAKE.....IAM ALWAYS WRONG. BUT I ALSO HAVE EXPERIENCE FOR IT I DO NOT CHANGE MY IMAGE BECAUSE FIRST EXPRESSION IS LAST EXPRESSION...........SO, PLEASE READ MY NEW STORY.............

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