Jaguar or Bluebird

Topics: Expatriate, Henry James, The Time Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 31, 2009
In this case, I believe most of the blame should be placed on Mark’s company, Energem. Having expatriates, the company should be prepared for situations like this. Mark and his family held up on their part of the deal by staying the whole time in England, and Energem did not have a plan for Mark and his family. They did not seem to give him any support to his family or his for his career back home in Singapore. What was Energem’s plan for Mark after he completed his expatriate duties in London? Part of it could also be blamed on just bad timing for Energem and Mark Chan’s family. The economy back in the Asia-Pacific area was not the best for jobs. Energem seemed to virtually have not spot for Mark in the company anymore. The Regional General Manager position, that he was more than qualified for, was given to a colleague of his. The reasons aren’t given to as why Energem decided to move in a direction different than what they would have done in the past. There were several reasons for Mark and his family’s reentry problems. One of the main factors that affected Mark was the poor economy back in Singapore. Mark couldn’t find a job to his liking, and everything he did find seemed as a demotion. Mark thought his career was going downhill and wasn’t happy at all. A factor that seemed to affect all of Mark’s family was that they had completely adjusted to living life in England. His son’s had trouble adjusting to Singaporean life. School seemed to be the hardest adjustment. They both felt out of place and had trouble making new friends. Language was also a problem for each, as they had trouble communicating back and forth with teachers and other students. Jeremy and John also found some of the schoolwork to be difficult. Linda found that life in Singapore was not as satisfying as it was in England. She had trouble identifying with her friends again. Linda also had difficulty in finding another job in the banking industry, partially due to the poor economy at the time....
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