Jacques- Louis David

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Jacques – Louis David

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March 26, 12

We know that through out our Art History many artists have made themselves a name in this world. We have learned about the different periods of art history and the artist involved in those periods. Listening about all theses artists really touched me. There is so many to talk about, but I have pick one. Jacques Louis David was a great painter painting was considered his strength. He is one I really liked. Jacques Louis David was born on August 30 1748 and then he died December 29 1825. David was considered “the most celebrated French artist of his day and a principal exponent of the late 18th-century Neoclassical reaction against the Rococo style” (Britannia Encyclopedia). His father had died when he was nine and his mother left him. His uncles who were architects took care of him. He was not considered a good student. “He had a facial tumor that impeded his speech, and he was always preoccupied with drawing. He covered his notebooks with drawings” (Jacques-Louis David.org). He never paid attention to his studies just focusing on his art. “He once said, ‘I was always hiding behind the instructor's chair, drawing for the duration of the class’” (Jacques-Louis David.org). He wanted to be a painter but his uncles and mother wanted him to be an architect. He followed his heart and went to study with Francois Boucher, who was the famous artist of that time. The times were changing and so was the art. Boucher decided to send David to his good friend Joseph Marie Vien to study with him. David ended up attending the Royal Academy well he was there. David around 1770 to 1774 attempted to win a scholarship. He tried four times before he finally won. “David attempted to win the Prix de Rome, an art scholarship to the French Academy in Rome, four times between 1770 and 1774; once, he lost according to legend because he had not consulted Vien, one of the judges....

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