Jacqueline Kennedy

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Kennedy family Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Jackie A. Heydet
Mrs. Johnson
English 9
3 May 2013
Jacqueline Kennedy
All throughout the history of mankind, through the generations, decades, centuries, and millenniums, humans have shared one quality despite the rapid change and obvious differences between us all. We have always been capable of speech. Of course, this expression has evolved over time and originated as simple indications of emotion. However, has evolved into one of the most important functions of the human body, providing not only communication amongst other people, but an essential factor in creating a character, and one of the only factors separating man from any other living organism. Though voice is so essential to life, women only obtained complete freedom of speech and expression of opinion in the last century. Women had the same capabilities and ideas as men, however were unjust to use their voice and share them. A key part of the evolution of women’s expression was one of America’s own women, Jacqueline Kennedy. Jackie was the wife of a well-known American president, and played a key role in his presidency by restoring the white house, establishing fame and recognition, and being a legend for American womanhood. . She was one of the only first ladies to leave such a mark on the country, and continues to be one of America’s most memorable and important woman figureheads (JFK Museum). Jacqueline, originally born into the Bouvier family on July 28, 1989, was an inspiration from the day she was introduced to the world. She grew up in a wealthy home and was always encouraged to use her talents of art and creativity throughout her childhood. She was raised feeling important, and always knew she was destined to make a change in the world (Taylor 27). However, when her parents got divorced when she was only ten, she began to keep her thoughts to herself due to her extreme pain (nettrekker.com). She then attended a boarding school throughout her primary school years, and later graduated...

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