Jacob character analysis

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Character Analysis of Jacob
Jacob was the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham. His mother was Rebekah and his older brother was Esau. Jacob was the younger of his father's two sons and was the one less favored in the eyes of his father. Jacob was the one favored in the eyes of his mother, Rebekah. Jacob was highly motivated in getting what he wanted. It is significant that the author of Genesis takes ten chapters on Jacob’s life, because he has such a critical role in the development of the Hebrew/Old Testament Bible. He only spent 11 chapters describing the period from creation to the Tower of Babel. He spends 14 chapters on Abraham in which we see the establishment of God’s covenant with His people. Early in the part of Genesis which describes Jacob, he is known to be a trickster. He tricks his brother Esau into trading away the birthright of the elder son. This part of Jacobs life is extremely important to the plot throughout the rest of Jacobs life. If Jacob wouldn’t have done this, he would not have his brother’s birthright and couldn’t continue on with the plan that Yahweh-God has in store for him. But the matter of the fact is, was Esau really starving for a bowl a stew or could he survive without it? Jacob however had no interest in the concerns of others at this point. He could have given Esau some stew without asking for anything in return, but the will of God was accomplished through what he did. Jacob also made a decision to consent with his mother to deceive his father (Genesis 27). He deceived his father in order to get his brother's blessing. This act in conjunction with stealing Esau's birthright causes Esau to hate Jacob and want to kill him. I think Jacob could have prevented this unrighteous decision by having had better communication and a good relationship with his dad and by getting a blessing the right way for himself and getting his relationship right with God. Then, he would not have been doing things deceptively behind his...
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