Jackie Robinson and the dodgers

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February 18 2014
Jackie Robinson & The Dodgers
Thesis statement: Jackie Robinson was a very inspirational, courteous, and moderate human being as a child helping his poor single mother, as a young adult going to college and being nominated for many awards, going to the U.S. Army, and as an adult playing with the Montreal Royals, being scouted and recruited by the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking and setting world records and breaking the color barrier for Major League Baseball. Mary Kay Linge wrote a biography about Jackie Robinson's life and all of the the great things he did and the struggles he went through from a child to an adult. In her book, Jackie Robinson: A Biography, she specifically talks about Robinson's childhood and she states, "The food he collected this way made a real difference, because in the mid-1920s the Robinson family was just scraping by" (Linge 1). This quote easily shows the reader that the Robinson family was poor and could barely afford to buy food. Since Jackie was a very athletic person he would play for food and money to help his family. Jackie was very helpful and tried to support his family any way he could, even if that meant he didn't get to eat dinner that night and giving it to his mother or one of his four siblings. Steve Jacobsen wrote a book about the other players besides Jackie Robinson who made it easier for African Americans to be treated equally and help break the Major Leagues color barrier. in Jacobsen's book, Carrying Jackie's Torch: The Players who integrated Baseball-- and America, he quotes, "Robinson, a great college athlete in football, baseball, track, and basketball, was fresh out of the army and had not played any baseball for six years" (Jacobsen 6). this passage specifically talks about Jackie Robinson's natural born athleticism through out high school to college. Stating that Jackie was a very athletic African American he also performed greatly in three other sports. Since Jackie attended a white...

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