Jack the Ripper

Topics: Victim, The Victim, Psychology Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Jack the RIpper

I think his psychological behavioral makeup for his killings would be both organized and disorganized. He has a great element of psychopathological behavior as well. The differences were mainly for the offender’s planning and convenience. He was organized in that he pre-planned out the murders such that he is aware that he should be done with the killing, mutilation, decapitation, etc within a certain period of time before the “constables” come back from their rounds. He is disorganized because of his ritualistic behavior and with the choice of victims which were prostitutes because they are deemed as high level type of victim which would be easier in order for his gratification to be fulfilled.

The offender used two approaches for the victims. First, he used a Con by gaining the victims’ trust per witness statements. Furthermore, the offender made sure he looked polite and genteel so as to project a respectable image, an image that can easily be trusted. After the offender had conned the victim, then he will use the blitz approach by incapacitating the victims at the perfect moment. This was apparent with all the cases where the throat seemed to be the first area of attack. The offender incapacitates the victim’s ability to shout for help, it was attested by the coroners from the different cases. It was evident that the killer when victims’ were seized would press on the throat to hinder their cry for help while per the article “producing insensibility and suffocation.” An initial impression with the general insight of the victimology would be that it would be sexual in nature due to their profession. It can also be noted from the killings’ sexual aspect was indirect. It can be assumed that the killer’s sexual gratification was achieved through the mutilation and removal of the different internal organs with the different victims. So therefore, the offender’s primary purpose was to both achieve sexual gratification and his lust for murder...
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