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In traditional pirate stories, the pirates are the bad guys. However, in the Pirates of the Caribbean, the role that Captain Jack Sparrow plays is of both a villain and a hero. Captain Jack Sparrow is a fascinating complex figure. He has been faced to numerous life threatening situations during his adventures while still maintain an air of composure and casualness. However, you might say that it’s all based on fiction and the reality is very different. But, there are times in our lives when our daily situations may resemble that of a pirate’s adventure which is filled with chaos, drama and unpredictable situations. Thus, no matter what reality you might be living in, what really matters is how you respond to whatever comes in your way. The source of real freedom comes from our responses to various life challenges while maintaining our sense of peace and inner strength. The reason why I chose Captain Jack Sparrow is because Jack Sparrow is not only entertaining but is inspiring as well. The character speaks of our innermost adventurous, independent, creative and daring sides of life. From the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, there are indeed lots of skills that one can learn from Captain Jack Sparrow. His negotiation skills before getting into a fight or his attitude towards his crew or the tactics he uses to get his ship “The Black Pearl” back.

Character Analysis of Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow lives completely by his own rules and gets away with doing so. Though he may run away from fights when he can ( which he very often does), he is not a coward but we can say that he is just a bit self serving. However, this behaviour of his does not make us hate him. Captain Jack Sparrow likes to consider himself as the epitome of a free spirit. He swishes his way through life with a slightly odd, but strangely wise attitude. Captain Jack Sparrow is a trickster, an enthusiastic player in the never-ending chess game...
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