Jack Nelson

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1.What do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank’s home office and branches? The case talks about a bank with high employee turnover. Jack Nelson, one of the members of the board of directors discovers this when he is being introduced to the employees. When he asks an employee at the main branch what did the machine she uses do, she tells him that she did not know what it was called or what it did. She could, however, operate the machine well. While touring the 22 branches, he was perturbed to find out that the branches faced with very high turnover. Problems in the Branches

High employee turn-over: It is seen that the employee turn-over was very high. As one of the supervisors told Mr Nelson that every time an employee was hired, another was seen resigning. This slows down the work process and has a direct impact on the profits. Employee turn-over has a high cost attached to it, not just in monetary terms but also the time the manager has to spend in training, the settling time required by the newly hired employee in the organization culture, the time to get to know his job etc. Lack of proper on-the-job training: There is no on-the-job training for the newly hired employees. It is the job of the supervisors and managers to effectively and properly train their employees. In this case, supervisors had little time for the OJT and development of the employees. Effectively carried out, OJT is the quickest and most cost effective method of training. It helps supervisor-subordinate communication as well as keeps the subordinate’s morale elevated. Lack of communication among the branches; and between the main office and the branches: It is very important in any organization for people to communicate. Engaging employees in communication can have positive outcomes in an organization. The main office apparently does not know the problem faced by all the branches. Either it is not aware of the high-turnover or is not bothered by the issue. It seems like...
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