Jack Nelson's Problem

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Training Pages: 6 (2396 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Assignment 1: Case Study, Jack Nelson’s Problem 1. a) What do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank’s home office? 1. Ruth Johnson who has been working at the bank’s head office for last two months did not know what the machine she is using is called or what is does. That shows that the bank did not give her sufficient training to familiarize herself with the name and the function of the machine. However, she did know how the machine works, but this doesn’t mean that she has been trained properly. A huge problem in the bank’s home office is the lack of a proper Training program. It can be an in-house training program especially designed for the new employees at the bank or a practical on-the-job training program. This will give new employees the change to practice, observe others, ask questions, learn from mistakes and familiarize themselves with the equipment that they are using. It is very important for the bank to utilize its available resources. In this case the supervisor could have given her proper, on-the-job training and informed and familiarized her with the name and function of the machine that she operates. 2. There is also mayor lack of communication in the bank’s home office. Ruth has been working there for almost two months and nobody has briefed or informed her on the name and function of the machine that she is using. The fact that Ruth’s supervisor or her colleagues did not notice that she does not know the function or name of the machine after she is has been using it for two months is worrying. It shows that there is very little interaction and communication between employees, supervisors and managers at the bank’s home office. Communication and interaction between employees are very important. It keep all employees informed, motivated and make them feel valued. In Ruth’s case communication and interaction between the supervisors and employees can be improved by starting a Trainee Performance Appraisal program. This would help supervisors to keep track of areas in which a new employer is uninformed in or unfamiliar with regarding their duties. This can be done as soon as possible after the new employee has received proper training and has experienced their first practical day on the job. The appraisal will be done by the supervisor in the presence of the new employee, by filling out an appraisal form in which they will sit, discuss and identify areas of the job that the trainee is not familiar with. The supervisor will then explains demonstrate and answer questions and motivate the trainee. The Trainee appraisal will also help employers to qualify and develop their employees on a constant basis. 3. All the problems that Jack observed in the bank’s home office are basically, because a HR Unit or Department is non-existent and the supervisor has to fulfill the role of a HR Officer as well as well as their own.

Assignment 1: Case Study, Jack Nelson’s Problem 1. b) What do you think is causing some of the problems in the bank’s branches? 1. One of the mayor problems in the bank’s branches is that the employee turnover is very high, in fact so high that for every employee the bank employs, another employee will resign. The reason for this can be that employees were not suitable for the position that they have been employed for in the first place. The bank does not have a proper recruitment and selection program in place to help select, shortlist, and interview and recruit the most suitable candidates for the jobs they have available. It can also be that employees did not receive proper training to prepare, familiarize, inform and develop them for their job roles and duties. Another possibility is that employees are dissatisfied with the compensation and benefits that the company offers them. This brings the morale of the employees down and could be the reason for the high employee turnover. This is very costly, because it cost 60% more to employ and train a new person for the job, than to...
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