Jack London's White Fang Quotes

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White Fang White Fang, the protagonist of White Fang, grew up with the only law in the brutal North; Kill or be Killed. Jack London’s White Fang tells a tale of a demiwolf who survives regardless of the harsh conditions during puppyhood and is the only one of five to do so. White Fang lives with his mother learning bit by bit the law of the North when together, they stumble upon his mother’s former owner. Then through a series of events he ends up in the hands of a fiendish owner who morphs White Fang into a cold-blooded killer. So his owner can get rich, White Fang mutates into a merciless fighter dog who fights other dogs against his will. Jack London’s White Fang has a simple message, Kill or be Killed, which fuels White …show more content…
When White Fang is being tormented London explicitly describes that White Fang is so livid, that he hates everything and does it “without the faintest spark of reason.” Jack London says in his tale, “Formerly, White Fang had been merely the enemy of his kind, withal a ferocious enemy. He now became the enemy of all things.” This helps prove his point that it really is kill or be killed in the North, in the cities as well as the wild. Jack London describes the many battles that White Fang goes through and in all of them he is the victor. London describes White Fang’s “severest fight” in which White Fang was fighting two dogs simultaneously and when “he killed them both” said that White Fang half killed himself in the process. While it is true that London uses extremely powerful and detailed imagery, the impact of his imagery is enhanced with a sinister …show more content…
When London describes forest, he uses words like “lifeless, desolate and lone.” In a forest with characteristics like this, people and animals alike have able to kill or be killed. London also depicts that “life is an offense” to the land, and that it strives to remove it by using its harsh environment. This includes freezing temperature, often famine and disease. Jack London can paint a very vivid setting a describe it. He adds the illusion of an even more realistic setting by adding many

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