Jack London's View

Topics: Fiction, Short story / Pages: 6 (1370 words) / Published: Sep 16th, 2016
The short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London holds the major principal concept of giving admiration to nature through having an authoritative understanding of the signs to warn that it provides. The story utilizes a setting that plays a major role in understanding development. London utilizes particular techniques in establishing the surroundings as well as the tone of the story. Through introducing the general readers to the story, the author prepares them for a tone that provokes fear as well as depression. Through the isolation by the destiny and the frigid weather the author illustrates how the man is uninformed of his environment. Therefore, for the only world that the man is aware is the environment that he has developed solemnly. …show more content…
First, personal view is only used when the narrator chooses to take control of the story (Kennedy, and Dana, 28). The viewpoint of the story is thus not limited, but it is omniscient in nature for different reasons. One the narrators are portrayed to be known in everything in the story, because he does not only understand the things that are taking place, but also the thinking of the characters. This can be illustrated by the phrase, ‘’the dog understood clearly that the time was not right for traveling’’ (London, 129). The narrator’s omniscience can also be demonstrated through how he developed judgment about the man making individuals believe that he knows the man completely. The narrator can thus be termed as heterodiegetic as he was not involved in the story at any moment yet he understands …show more content…
The story has a well-built plot which helps in deepening the ethical concept of the story. This type of story can really be established in the world today. The foreshadowing style that is used in the story is perfect as it is essential in the development of climax. The story, therefore, teaches it, readers, that one is not only required to be persistent but they are additionally required to understand their environment. Understanding one’s environment as well as persistence holds complement each other because they are both authoritative in determining survival. This therefore clearly shows that London Jackson was effective in incorporating elements of literature in his writing. This is essential in ensuring that literature’s paradise is effectively enjoyed by the readers. London ensures that understanding is enhanced through the placing of irony, imagery as well as the plotting of the story. Through this feature, one can fully understand the concept that the author was trying to convey to the

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