Jack Links

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“Messin’ with Sasquatch”
My favorite comedy commercials are the: Jack Links: Messin’ With Sasquatch series. I chose one of the original Jack Links commercials where the scene is on a golf course. The ad is advertising for a brand of beef jerky. Although the actions of the commercial have nothing to do with beef jerky, it is still successful because it makes everyone think of Jack Links beef jerky when they think of the Sasquatch. The commercial also does well appealing to the intended audience; which, is males. The Jack Links beef jerky commercials are effective because they add humor while doing a great job of advertising for their product.

The Jack Links beef jerky commercials use a very simple technique of humor to draw in the audience. A very simple plot is given to allow the audience to follow easily. Even though the commercial has nothing to do with beef jerky, the eye is immediately drawn to the bag of beef jerky the man is holding. This is because the bag of beef jerky is a very strong red and with a simple background, the eye naturally goes to the product. The two men are also eating the beef jerky throughout the whole commercial. There is no computer enhanced technology that is used throughout the commercial.

The ad is telling the story of a Sasquatch accidently running into some golfers. The golfers decide to have some fun with it and shake up a beer to give to the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch then opens the beer and it explodes all in his face; meanwhile, the golfers are dying laughing. They speed off in their golf cart; however, the Sasquatch catches up to them and tips the golf cart over. Surprisingly the actions during the ad have no associations with the product what so ever. The emotion that the ad appeals to is humor.

The strategy of the ad is to relate to men to buy Jack Links beef jerky. It appeals to men a few different ways. First, the two men golfing are of the average man. The commercial shows that anyone can play golf by having an...

Links: beef jerky commercials. I saw the ad a long time ago for the first time during a super bowl. Males are the definite target for this commercial. Using all men, golf, and humor appeal to men and mostly men eat beef jerky.
The series of Jack Link beef jerky commercials are a very effective, yet humorous way to sell beef jerky. Their appeal to men and use of humor does wonders for the intended male audience to buy their beef jerky. This successful commercial may not have anything to do with beef jerky but it does a great job of making the audience want to buy the beef jerky that is being advertised.
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