Jack Carlisle, Cio

Topics: Better, Time, The Opportunity Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: September 16, 2009
1.What have been Jack’s greatest successes as a CIO at IZL Corporation?

Jacks success at IZL started from the interview, he looked around and listened. Carlisle can draw a parallel with Giles, as he noted himself during his tenure; Giles was more rational and methodical. Again as Carlisle noted, Giles approach aimed at empowering his direct reports and encouraging them to work things out together. The parallels are easily drawn between the two gentlemen supported by examples where Carlisle fostered communications regarding the direction of the company, IT strategy, IT’s role in the organization, and other timely subjects.

In terms of tangible deliverables, several were key to Carlisle’s success to date. Carlisle stabilized the physical infrastructure to allow teams to begin to focus on moving the infrastructure and applications forward and not get caught in the day to day activities of fire fighting. Policies and procedures were instituted to ensure the stabilization remained. Carlisle then began work to influence the business and changing the mindset of where IT is seen as a cost compared to a value add for the business. Carlisle organized for success; sharing and encouraging the same philosophy with his team.

2.What could he have done better?

In tackling the issues so quickly, Carlisle has generated some friction. In looking to move the organization and in reaching out to the business, Carlisle may have missed some of the most important communication within his own team. Carlisle through project meetings and the shift in work programs is catching up on this in the back-end of the delivery of improvements, earlier efforts may have produced better results.

Metrics are a difficult item, while there is no doubt that which is measured is that which is done. Producing metrics and cascading without providing those who are responsible for them an opportunity to review and understand and at the same time can cause challenges. Question may arise are...
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