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Iztaccihuatl and Popocatépetl

By Karinavilchis Oct 11, 2013 502 Words
Iztaccihuatl and Popocatépetl
In Mexico there is a legend of a romance of two Mexican Aztecs that fall in love. It seems to be their love is stronger than anything that both were turned into two volcanos. In the 16 century, during the time of the Aztecs Empire, there was a battle that was going to be taken into place between the Aztecs and the greatest enemy. Popocatépetl was one of the men of the Emperor of the Aztec Empire, which also happened to be the father of Popocatépetl’s beloved Iztaccihuatl. Since the father knew about the love the both had for one another he had Popocatépetl a deal. If he brought victory home from the battle he would allow him and his daughter marry. Popocatépetl agreed to the deal and went to the battle and bring victory home. While months passed and Popocatépetl had not made his return, another of the Emperor’s man took this as a perfect opportunity to separate the two lovers and finally be able to make Iztaccihuatl fall in love with him. So he went to his king and told him they had won the battle, but sadly Popocatépetl had been killed in the battle. The Emperor could not hold the grief and went to tell his daughter the devastating news. The news really hurt Iztaccihuatl, she would not stop crying for a long time and she then did not want to even eat. This caused her to soon die of depression. The day of Iztaccihuatl’s funeral came, and Popocatepetl returned home to find his beloved woman dead. He was so sad he walked right out of town with his princess in his arms and walked up to the mountains. There he ordered his soldiers to build him a funeral table with beautiful flowers where he would lay Iztaccihuatl. Once he laid her down on her table he kneed next to her holding his torch in one hand, and he then also died of depression. The warrior never left his princess’ side because of the love he had for her. The Gods thought this sacrifice was so sweet, that to keep them together forever they turned into volcanos named after them. The volcano Iztaccihuatl is best known as La Mujer Dormida (The Sleeping Woman), it is known to be this because when you look at it from far away it looks like a woman lying face up. Both volcanos can be seen from Mexico City. They are such a beautiful sight to experience. This legend is a great example that there is no big problem that can separate two lovers who truly do love one another. They will never depart one another, but stay and fight off all their obstacles. I think that is how it should be in not just legends but in a person’s reality. You can fight through whatever you want if you really care about someone and want to be with them. There is nothing impossible that love cannot handle.

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