Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Report

Topics: Ivan Pavlov, Heart, Classical conditioning Pages: 1 (580 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Regan Loomis
August 20, 2014
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov is one of the few psychologists that were there from the beginning of the newest advancement of sciences known as physiology and psychology. Ivan Pavlov was born in September 26, (in new calendar 14th on old calendar) 1849, in Ryazan, Russia. He was a Russian physiologist known mainly for his development in physiology known as conditioned reflex. Ivan Pavlov started out his studies in a church school learning theological seminary. Around 1870 he quit his studies of theological seminary to enter the University of St. Petersburg where he studied chemistry and physiology. After receiving the M.D. at Imperial Medical Academy in St. Petersburg which he graduated in 1879 and completed his dissertation in 1883. Under the direction of the cardiovascual physiologist Carl Ludwig and the gastrointestinal physiologist Rudolf Heidenhain he studied during 1884-86. Working with Ludwig, Pavlov’s first research on his own was on the physiology of the circulatory system. In the laboratory of Botkin which was located in St. Petersburg, he investigate cardiac physiology and regulating blood pressure. Pavlov became a very skillful surgeon and he was so skillful that he was able to put a catheter into the femoral artery of a dog without any pain and anesthesia and record the effects on blood pressure of various pharmacological and emotional stimuli. He was able to show the effects of the left and right vagal nerves on the heart by stimulating the severed ends of the cervical nerves. The people he was surrounded by influenced his studies of physiology and later the knowledge he learned from his physiology studies he came up with laws that he tried to apply to the explanation of human psychoses. Pavlov inferred that the major inhibition characteristic of a psychotic person was a protective mechanism, shutting out the external world, in that it excludes hurtful stimuli that had previously caused an...

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