IVA impact on medical services in hong kong

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Infant Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Now, I would like to talk about the IVS impact on medical services in Hong Kong. According to our research, only four interviewees concerned about the medical services, because there was an age bias in our questionnaire. However, referring to various news articles, medical services is a big concern in Hong Kong. IVS was originally designated for the sake of boosting Hong Kong’s economy. However, a recent trend shows that a lot of mainlanders are in fact, trying to give birth to their babies in Hong Kong as the IVS provides them utter ease to travel to Hong Kong. Hence, most of locals feel that the medical services are degraded. Now, I’d like to ask you a question. Do you know how many newborn babies are in Hong Kong every day? In 2007, the plaintive cries of newborn babies were never stopped in the special care infant ward at Hong Kong's Queen Elizabeth Hospital — a ward that was designed for 30 babies but had 45 babies and as many as 60 at a time. This is probably due to the increase of non-local pregnant women, but not the result of Hong Kong local pregnancies. This is also adding pressure to the doctors and nurses. The Hong Kong government wants to discourage them from coming. From 1, Feb,2007 onwards, pregnant mainland women have to prepay $5,000 for their hospital care before they are even allowed into Hong Kong. Thousands of mainland women go to extent lengths of their IVS to ensure that their babies could be born in Hong Kong. This entitles the babies to permanent Hong Kong residency, a free nine-year education and welfare resources are therefore a guarantee. Local pregnant women might not be given proper obstetric services and priority to use such services if mainlanders are rushing to Hong Kong to give birth. And also degrade the quality of medical services. The next thing I want to talk about is the negative effect on life quality of Hong Kong residents. According to our investigation, enough respondents have a negative attitude towards the IVS because...
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