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Mengyang Liu Liu1
Kelli Gardner Bell
English 190-17
23rd February 2013
Guiyang Traffic
Nothing is perfect in this world, and everybody knows that. People try to be perfect, and people like to be perfect, but there are too many problems that still need to solve because they made people always feel angry, and feel not perfect even life is much better than before. Problems always become different with the times change. For example, people have many problems with not enough transportation in hundred years ago, but now, there is too much transportation that cause traffic and air pollution problem, so different time has different problem that make people’s life become not perfect especially in Guiyang China, the place where I come from

As Mr. Young said Guiyang is a small city in the south west of China, and it had very special area structure because it has been surrounding by the mountains. Guiyang is a small city but has large population; the approximate population is about 3 million people. Nowadays, Chinese become richer and richer, so people like to have a car for themselves, so the problem appeared (1). It is usual for a people to buy a car because it is become more and more necessary. However, Mr. Long belive this types of situation casus too many problems, especially the traffic. Traffic is horrible in Guiyang because of the size of city; more and more people have cars, so the traffic is everywhere at any time (2). Based on my personal experience, when I drive on the Liu2

street in my hometown, I have to face the traffic problem all the time because I cannot move. For example, one day, I was driving in the downtown, and waiting for the lights. Traffic was so bad at that day, so I waited about eight times to pass through the red light. Traffic in Guiyang caused too many problems at the same time because of the amount of the car is too much in Guiyang Here is another example, one day I went out with my friend to have dinner. I could not find a parking spot in any area, so we all go home for that night, and we felt very upset on that day. Traffic can also cause the emergency system cannot work. For example, the fire track, ambulance, and police car cannot answer the call right away, so it might cause many problems. People cannot go to work on time because of the heavy traffic problem, so it is also very bad for everyone.

However, every problem can have a plan to solve it, so I figure out a lot different ways to solve the traffic problem in Guiyang China. In China, the plate always goes with number. For example, the plate in Guiyang will be Chinese letter “Gui” then English letter A,B,C,D, depends on your area. Then rest of thing will start with number 0-9, then end with 0-9. So, the good way to control the traffic is to settle the limit for a car that can drive in a week. For example, on Monday, the number end with 1 and 6 cannot drive on the street, if they do, there will be penalty. On Tuesday, the number end with 2 and 7 cannot drive on that day. On Wednesday, the number end with 3 and 8 cannot drive. On Thursday, the number end with 4 and 9 cannot drive. On Friday, the number end with 5 and 0 cannot drive. Then, the weekend has no limit Liu3

because there is not much people will work during the weekend. The second way to solve the traffic problem is to raise price for the plate, or limit the output volume for a car. Shanghai is one of the best cities in China, so the traffic is also very horrible there, but local government of Shanghai used a good method to regulate the traffic problem which is raise the price for a plate. In Shanghai, the price for a plate is about seven thousand dollars, so it is more expensive than cheap cars in China, so it can limit a lot people cannot buy a car with plate. There is another way that Shanghai use to limit the car numbers and that is limit output volume. In Shanghai, one point six is the minimum output volume number for a car that can drive in city,...

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4 March. 2013
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