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ITT Technical Institute is a for-profit technical institute with over 100 campuses in 37 states of the United States. (ITT Educational Services, Inc. Announces the Opening of its First College in West Virginia Expanding the Company's Reach into 37 State) ITT Tech is a technical college whose headquarters is based in Carmel, Indiana. (ITT Tech website) It was founded in 1946 as an educational service, Inc. It severs over 70,000 students who attend to further their education in different areas. Some students attend ITT Tech because they feel that it teaches them the skills that they need in order to obtain the degree of their choice. ITT Tech provides and gives students the opportunity to be able to train for a career rather than just a normal job.

Students who attend ITT Tech get the chance at having hands on training from the instructors. ITT Tech offer associates and bachelors degrees in areas such as electronics, information, business, drafting and design, criminal justice, and health sciences. Students who decide to take classes with or through ITT Tech will have several options related to their choice of program study. The option to attend some of your classes online is also available. Online learning is available for those seeking to earn a degree by distant learning. Those who posses a busy schedule may also want to do online learning. According to the Zen College life there has been a great deal of research related to ITT Technical Institute. Some reports have shown that this school has issued the larger number of two and four year degrees related to electronics and drafting in 2000-2001. Classed attended at ITT Tech are not as big as a class at a university. This gives the students a better chance at getting one on one with the instructor.

The tuition for this school varies depending on where the student will be taking classes. The type of degree will also be a determining factor in tuition cost. The course that the students decide to take will...
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