Its Never a Womans Fault

Topics: Gender role, Emotion, English-language films Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 8, 1999
It’s Never the Woman’s Fault!

Women’s role in society and the family are constantly changing. What was expected of the women 25 years ago has made a complete 360 to what women are expecting today. Stories from now and then reflect this greatly, yet there will always be the stock woman character. Some women’s lives have been affected and afflicted by these expectations of a woman’s role, and in the end has had a negative impact on their lives. Women in stories such as: “A Rose for Emily”, and “Eveline”, reflect this negative impact, and they show how women’s “roles” have impeded their growth as a normal grown woman. Emily, from the story, “A Rose for Emily”, was heavily affected in her later years by the role which she played to her father. As a young girl her mother died, leaving her to be the woman figure in her father’s household. Emily eventually evolved into a replacement of her mother. As a result of living her life this way, Emily was never able to form healthy relationships with men, other than her father. After her father’s death, Emily’s lovers repeatadly left her. Though she was a grown woman now, she was unable to handle the relationships that normal women could. In the end, her emotions and feeling were so mixed up and misinterpreted, she ended up killing the man, so as not to leave her like the rest, and ended up keeping his body and lying with him. Of course, unacceptable behavior of a normal grown woman, considering her upbringing, her actions are less than shocking. Eveline’s story is same in the beginning, yet her fate is a little different. When Eveline’s mother died, she filled in the role of “lead woman”. Eveline was responsible for cleaning, going to the market, and taking care of her abusive father. She on the other hand formed a relationship with a young man from South America. They were in love. Frank was...
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