Its More Fun in the Philippines

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I can tell you exactly why it’s more fun in the Philippines in one sentence: because it is only in the Philippines that you have the best and the worst of the world; a mixture of sorts; a unique blending of people, language, economic status, food, culture and religion that despite the yin and the yangs, living and being in the Philippines is truly an experience!

You can agree or disagree with me on my statement that I just wrote but being born in the Philippines and keeping my Filipino identity despite the fact that I have pledged both to my native home and to my adopted country (which I am very grateful and proud of!), the United States – I know exactly why everyone is buzzing with the Philippines’ Department of Tourism’s newest campaign: “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

The Philippines is a gorgeous island with beautiful people ready to rise above any adversity they are faced with. It is the land of the educated, the ardent politicos, the most-talked singers/celebrities and where gay people are appreciated in every corner of the land. It is also the land where every citizen is proud to fight for freedom and democracy (think People’s Power). It is the land where religious beliefs are strong and even dominates the decision-making of the statesmen (think RH Bill and birth-control issues). It is the only land where languages/dialects are different from the 7, 100 islands across the country but its people are unified with the common understanding of “karaoke singing” and eating with bare hands!

Truly, there is always a divide among the Filipino people: sikat (well-known) and the unknown; rich and poor; homeless and mansion-sheltered; Tondo and Alabang; Catholics and Muslims; Bisaya and Tagalog; barefooted and Imeldific – among others. Yet, with the inequality prevalent and ceaselessly acknowledged the irony is that this is where the beauty of the Philippines comes through. This is the reason why “it’s more fun in the Philippines”, the perfect harmony...
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