Itm Slp Paper Module 1

Topics: Web browser, World Wide Web, Internet Explorer Pages: 3 (643 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Web Browser Differences

Trident University


Jerry Wetfall

August 21, 2013

Web browsing has become a popular internet tool in today’s society. It has enhanced everyday demands with the click of mouse or keyboard. With technology at your fingertips, no question has been left without an answer. By exploring all the pros and cons that come along with different web browsers, each one play a major role for everyone throughout the world. With this being said, being used, everyone has something different that catches their eye about every browser but having only one favorite browser that is used on a daily basis. The world has changed tremendously. Just a decade ago, the internet was dominated by one browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). By doing this we’ve selected different internet browsers for information. The information that has been received on a day to day basis through the newspaper is no longer needed

The most commonly used browser I personally use is Google. Yahoo and Bing are web browsers that I seldom use when it comes to online searches. Google is the channel of communication for all my answers. It is a great public utility but I wouldn’t assume it and updates are totally dominant in the near future. Technology is changing everyday and new ideas and updates are being used for every browser. Google provides more relevant information, instant search and connected products provide more background information. Even if you put in something silly, it will give you results, unlike Bing. “Google displays ads across its own search platforms, including Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Images and more” (Atkontaky,2006, p.2).

Yahoo does not have a book search or desktop search feature. It does not incorporate user generated videos, unlike Google Video. Yahoo is slower than Google and it seems that Google is more nimble as far as organization and company structure is concerned. When searching, I discovered that...

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