Italian Culture

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Italian Culture
David Herbetko
Eastern University

Italian Culture
In preparation for your trip, research was done to help you with the many cultural differences you may encounter in Italy. Cultural awareness helps us remember to honor beliefs and sensibilities that are not necessarily our own, so that as we interact with people from other cultures, no unintended breach of good manners or conversational blunders occur (Terry, 2008). To make things flow a little easier, Italian culture has been divided into categories: Self and space, Communication and language, Dress and appearance, Food and feeding habits, Political System, Religious system. Knowing these cultural differences will help with your transition.

Self and Space
* An arm's length distance or a bit less is usually an appropriate amount of personal space during conversations.  This space tends to be considerably less between friends and family. * Italians tend to touch quite a bit during conversations.  This is more common with good friends and family then say in business or formal situations. * It is common to see people hug in public; couples kiss in public, women interlock arms with men while walking in the street, etc.  Public physical contact is considered normal within certain limits.

Communication and language
* Italians tend to be direct but in a diplomatic way. The will tell you the truth but often in a polite manner.  * Communication tends to be more on the formal side when in public and much less so in private. * Italians are known for being very animated and dramatic (sometimes overly) during conversations.   * Large displays of emotion are very common and acceptable in public situations. Often times it may appear that people are arguing when in fact they are just having a conversation. Dress and appearance

* Fashions and fashion design are trademarks of Italy. Therefore, in the business world, good clothes are a signature of success. * Men should...

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