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Chapter 6
1. Which of the following best describes one function of a router? It determines the best path for traffic to take through a network. 2. Which of the following best describes the core function of path determination? Choosing the best of the entire learned router for each subnet.3. What is the primary type of info used by network layer when forwarding packets? An IP routing table. 4. Which of the following statements describes the routing protocol exchange process is true? The routers using OPSF can exchange information using LSAs and also a router using RIP exchange routing tables at least every 30 sec. by default. 5. Which of the following best describes a routed protocol? Address provides enough information they allow a packet to be forwarded from host to host. 6. Which of the following best describes a routing protocol? A protocol through which routers learn about the possible IP routes.7. What is one characteristic of distance vector routing protocols? They are computationally simple. 8. Which of the following best describes the difference between an EGB and an IGP? IGPs are used within autonomous systems, but EGPs are used between autonomous systems. 9. How do link-state routing protocols build routing tables? Exchanging LSAs and running the SPF algorithm. 10. A corporate office has one large router connecting six subnets on six different Fast Ethernet interfaces, but it has no other interfaces, and no other routers exist. Which routing protocols could be configured for this router to learn routs to the six LAN subnets? No routing protocols are necessary. 11. Which of the following is predetermined by an administrator and does not require a routing algorithm? Static route.12. Which of the following best describes a default route? The router used when the destination network is not listed explicitly in the routing table.
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