It280 Computer Maintanence and Training Manual

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Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

Table of content
Chapter 1
Environmental concerns
Power Protection
Dust, static, and heat issues
Downloading unauthorized software

Chapter 2
Maintenance and Cleaning

Chapter 3
Internal hardware installation
Power Supply
Hard Drives

Chapter 4
Basic Principles for supporting I/O Devices and Multimedia and Mass Storage Devices Installing a Video Card
Installing a DVD Drive

Chapter 1 Safety

* Environmental Concerns
There are many methods that can be used to dispose of obsolete computer equipment. These include employee giveaways, donations to charity, and in some cases, an execution of the old mainframe. Most all old computers are considered toxic waste and must be disposed of properly. When it comes to household computer monitors they are usually not considered hazardous waste and are not included under federal regulations, however if you wish to disposed of one, you may want to make sure that the hard drive has been cleaned. Now for the heart of this issue. Since old computers are considered toxic waste, the main way that most businesses handle obsolete computers is to let a recycling company handle the dirty work. These companies are regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, but you have to use caution to make sure that the company that you choose to use is regulated. So it pays to do your research, and it is well worth the effort. Properly recycling and disposing of old computer equipment is no longer just a matter of what is convenient, it is also an environmental and legal issue.

Power Protection and Safety
When working around electronic equipment our responsibility is to ensure the personal safety of ourselves and those around us. We should never work on a device until we have powered it down and unplugged it from the wall. If we are working on a portable computer, we have to make sure the battery is out of the system. Current

Power that comes from the wall is AC, it's Alternating Current, about 115 volts at 60 cycles in USA or 220 volts at 50 cycles in EU. Alternating current coming out of a wall can be enough to stop our heart. Power coming out of a wall is retained, even after the device is unplugged from the wall. It's retained in the device's power supply, in components called capacitors. Capacitors in a high voltage power supply can retain enough current, enough power, to kill us, even hours after the device is unplugged from the wall. This is why a power supply in a computer is an FRU, a Field Replaceable Unit. It is not a serviceable part of the computer. We should avoid servicing anything to do with high voltage, including computer power supplies.  High Voltage

Another source of high voltage with which we're all familiar is a CRT monitor, a tube, so we should not work inside a CRT monitor. If we must work within a CRT, discharge the high voltage first. The important thing to remember is not to wear ESD bracelet around high voltage. If we are grounded, we become the path of least resistance for current, and If the current is high voltage, we are the path through which the high voltage current Dust, Static, and Heat Issues

Heat is the enemy all computer technicians must face. I consider it one of the silent killers in the computer world. I have seen far too many computers fall victim to this common issue, because not enough care was taken to save the computer. Now, I will admit that heat is not normally one of the first things people think of when they get a new computer or laptop, but it’s this thought that could save you a lot of money. Processors, memory, hard drives, PCI devices—all of this can be destroyed by an overheating computer. There are a few ways to help protect yourself though: * The first is to make sure you don’t have the computer in some kind of non-vented cabinet. If so, you may want to consider moving it. The heat has...
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