It241 Week 3 Assignment

Topics: Wireless access point, Wi-Fi, Computer network Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: September 1, 2010
This paper is going to describe some components that you may see when working in either a wired or wireless network. We will look into each component and determine if its ran by another component within and how it operates. We will also provide a base cost or average cost for this type of device/component.

A wireless router is a device that is connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that enables you to broadcast or serve wireless networking within a area. If you want to provide or have wireless networking within your home you will need one of these devices. A good average cost for a wireless router, would be around $50 dollars.

The next component is the computer. The computer is your main source for computing, it connects to your Internet connection and is the component that stores all of your information and handles all of the traffic and routes to the Internet. Now day’s computers range in cost and specifications. You can purchase a computer as low as $500 dollars or as high as $15,000 dollars. Just depends on what your looking for.

A good average cost for a computer in today’s times is around $1000 dollars. Again much goes into the specs but just to provide an example this works.

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The next component that we will discuss is a Firewall. With computers and IT exploding as it has over the past few years, so has the individuals that try to gain access to your machine. A firewall is a device that applies the security to your network. They come in all different sizes for different setups. Firewalls have two connections. One is to the computer/network and the other is connected to your Internet connection.

Firewalls have ranged in price from about $50 dollar to over $3000 dollars. A good average for small size...

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