It's No Use Crying over Spilt Milk

Topics: High school, College, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: August 28, 2013
In the past I made a lot of mistake, cutting class so often is the most remarkable of mine. Changing from secondary school to high school is remarkable stage in my life. Everything in high school was so new to me. I thought I need to adapt with new environment by joining new friends’ activities. Unfortunately, my new friends were addicted to online game. That was a rainy day in October, I was on the way to school with my friend and had no mood for studying. She suggested me go to internet shop to play online game and wait for the rain stopped. I had wondered why so many of my friends get addicted to online game then I fell into it. The rain stopped and I was still playing without going to school. That game was so attractive and catchy. Every single character in game was so beautiful which I wanted to get all. I decided not go to school even the rain had already stopped. And that was not the only time I cut class. After that, I quitted classes so often for whole 1st semester. My teacher reported to my parents about my frequent absence in class and my score report in the end of 1st semester. They were not only angry but also disappointed at me. I had never been out of top in the class then my rank was 38/40. They asked me why I did so, I said I had played game online those times and lost focusing in study. I kept apologizing but my parents said “it’s no use crying over spilt milk”. They told me to do the right thing in the next semester and no more scolded at me. At that time, I realized how much of time I had wasted for such a useless thing. I started to study harder and tried to stop playing online game. It was hard for ceasing a feeling of addicted. I was so eager to play my beautiful and attractive character that I had took care of it for a long time. However, looking at my ashamed score report gave me a strong encouragement. I ended up my 2nd semester with very good score and completely non-addicted to online game. Moreover, what made me really satisfied...
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