It Wasn't Funny at All

Topics: Family, Marriage, Woman Pages: 3 (1256 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Paola Marie M. RamosMay 21, 2012
It wasn’t funny at all
A reader’s response of Aida Rivera Ford’s The Chieftest Mourner Could you sacrifice your dignity and set aside your pride for the sake of the person you loved? Who deserves the honor of being the real wife? These are the questions that the story left me. Aida Rivera Ford’s The Chieftest Mourner is a twist of Filipino stereotypes regarding social conventions such as the second wife/mistress, as compared to the first wife. It is a story of a poet who have deserted her wife and lived with another woman. This story reveals that infidelity of a person can have serious consequences to his or other people’s life. As I read the story, a usual scenario in the Philippine society vividly appeared on my mind that is told in the story. It is a situation wherein a man who has deserted her legal wife lived with another woman and died on her side. And as the wake of the man arrived, the two widows would meet and claim that they were the one who deserves to be there. Like what the narrator said “Complicated as the situation was when Uncle was alive, it became more so when he died.” (Ford 2) It shows that it is really hard to escape from a problem or mistake that you have made. The worst thing is when it became the reason for another problem to start. No one can say that this small problem has ended because a bigger and worst conflict is formed which affects the lives of other people. Another problem is being introduced in the funeral which says, “I was puzzling over who was to be the official widow at his funeral.” (Ford 2) It tells that even the narrator was confused about the real widow, the Aunt Sophia or the other woman. If we base on the law, it would be Aunt Sophia because she is the legal wife. But if we base on love, it should be the mistress because she was the one who helped him when he was helpless and suffering. Both of them have the reason of being the real widow. A part of the story catches my...

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