It Was A Saturday Afternoon In 2011 And

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It was a Saturday afternoon in 2011 and I was getting ready to participate in the District 1 Cross Country Championship. I was excited but nervous, since it was my first cross country and I was coming back from a hamstring injury. I wanted to be prepared tying up loose ends in any way I can. This meant keeping to myself for the most part and eating a banana and a piece of chocolate for fuel so I that could jog along the corn fields just beyond the college campus. Keeping track of the minutes, I stretched my legs from my quads to glutes down to my calves and hamstrings and I felt the burn while I focused only on running. Finally, when I arrived back at the tracks, an announcement called all the runners to the starting line. This was my chance to finally shine. I put on my red and yellow Nike track spikes, drank an entire bottle of water, and headed down to the line to run 3.1 miles.
3.2.1. Bam! After I heard the gunshot, I sprinted across the green field along with five hundred other high school track and field runners. I had to remind myself of how to pace up the hills and avoid the muddy swamps, which didn't seem at all like obstacles. In my mind, I had a strategy and it seemed meticulous, judging from the speed of the competitors beside me. Everything was going as planned, but with one mile to go, I felt something drawing me back. All of a sudden the energy drained from my limbs and I couldn't lift my legs any longer. I felt as if someone was pulling me down to the ground. I tried to assuage the pain and tell myself, "I can finish this race. No problem. Forget and move on."
But I had reached my limit. I couldn't run anymore and defeated, I slowly walked the last eight hundred meters.
It was a total disaster. My coach disappeared right before my eyes and the world became a blur. I was mentally exhausted and needed a friend to walk along side me after the race. When I reached my tent, I collapsed and fell asleep for about an hour. But the

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