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It Was Vital That Romeo and Juliet Were Young Lovers

Oct 08, 1999 510 Words
Romeo and Juliet is a very famous tale of two young lovers who encounter tragedy from their love. Their enemy families would have condemned their marriage, yet their feelinds for each other were so strong that they still for married, even if it meant they had to do so in secret. The fact that they're young adds to the overall tragedy of the story. Shakespeare shows their youth in many ways, and their youth is important for the play. <br>

<br>Romeo and Juliet are very impetuous, a real sign of their youth. As soon as Romeo saw Juliet he went over to her and tried to "chat her up". Juliet responded in the same way with affection and infatuation. After having only just met, they fell in love with each other. It wasn't long before they got married, their feelings for each ohter was somewhat like "puppy love". <br>

<br>Romeo and Juliet was written at a time when teenaged girls were getting married to other teenaged boys. THis arrangement was considered normal, and if Romeo and Juliet were older, it would have been hard for the audience of that time to empathize with their own marriages or problems and dilemmas that they have faced themselves, and furthermore would have confused the audience, if indeed there had been a marriage of an older couple in the play. <br>

<br>Julieet depends a lot on her parents and especially Nurse. We see numerous times when Juliet askes Nurse for her advice and help, for instance the time when Juliet wanted to get married with Romeo, she asked Nurse for her opinions, and also asked her to run errands for her when their marriage was arranged . Another time was when Capulet threatened to throw Juliet out of the house if she refused to marry Paris. After Capulet had stomred out the the room, she said to Nurse "What sayst thou? Hast thou not a word of joy? Some comfort, Nurse?" (Act 3 Scene 5). This shows her youthfulness, in that she is still very frightened about leaving home, away from the care of her parents. <br>

<br>As with Romeo, he often consults with the Friar. He talks to him about many things, like when he wanted to get married to Juliey, he straight away told him about how he felt, and asked Friar to marry him to Juliet. His youth also means that his friends often protect him, especially Mercutio, who is sort of like a big brother to him. When Tybalt killed Mercutio, Rmoer wanted to get revenge, his youthfulness meant that he had no self-control as he was fighting Tybalt, which resulted in Tybalt's death. <br>

<br>The fact that Romeo and Juliet are young lovers adds to the tragedy and the irony of the whole play. THe audience would have had more pity for such a young couple. THe way that Shakspeare shows their youth, and the number of times he does is obvious that their youthfulness is important to the story.

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