It Was an Unforgettable Event in My Life'

Topics: Laughter, Classmates, Advice Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Write about occasion when you gave advice to your friends. Were they always glad to have your advice? “Advice” not everyone can use it even a top student can gave wrong advices. Okay, I had shared an advice about “remember to prepare an umbrella before you going out to anywhere” to some of my friends. They make me noticed that we should not give advice if we are not experienced. First, I had shared to my same-aged neighbor Ah Yong. His first reaction is he became flip-out and start asking me “ Lun, are you crazy? You want me to bring an umbrella to wherever I go? I will be look like a dumb!” said Ah Yong angrily and pushed me out and slammed the door “Bang!” I felt like I had been humiliated so I walked home. After that, I go and shared this advice to my classmate Chun Li. After heard my advice she laughed loudly “Hahaha! Are you putting a joke on me? In this 20th century nobody prepare umbrella before they going out, except for raining days.” some of my classmates heard my advice same as Chun Li laughed non-stop. At that time I darted out my class and find a place to cool down felt totally embarrassed. Another friend is my best friend Kai Rue, I thought best friend will always support their best friend so I told him this advice. An unexpected answer I got from my best friend, he replied “ Lun, are you serious ? A year got 365 days you want me to prepare an umbrella wherever I go? That is nonsense!” and walked away with laughing.
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