It Use to Be Green Once

Topics: Short story, The Lottery, The New Yorker, Shirley Jackson / Pages: 3 (599 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2012
It use to be green once.Patricia grace Short story Explain why you learned something from this relationship in the text(s) In the Short story It Use To Be Green Once by Patricia Grace is a short story that I enjoyed toughly not just because it was a story I could relate to , but impractically because of the mother in the short story. I enjoyed reading about the way she handled her whanu (family) , the way she acts towards others, her positive attitude , the way she showed love towards others and finally because of the fact she never changed despite winning the lottery. I enjoyed reading It Use To Be Green Once because the mother had a strong relationship with her whanu (family) , but also with her community as well .For example when ever mum would go shopping she would not only buy her family’s groceries , but she would drive the street and people would call out there list of the food supply’s they needed. Mum would memorise it and so there shopping too. “ A sac of spuds” one would call and mum would toot the horn to show that she understood. Secondly I enjoyed reading about the way mum treated others. The relationship she had with her community was a close and tight relationship. “Everybody knew mums car and knew to move to the side when they saw it come down the road“. Mum let anyone in her car ,She would honk the horn and shout “your gonna have to run then jump in”. This was because her brakes weren’t working. This was enjoyable to read about as it told the reader what type of women she was. Thirdly I enjoyed reading about the mums positive attitude that she had with others. “When I was your age I use to go swimming in the nude”. Although Mum knew she wasn’t rich she still tried her best to keep the family positive , although the children were embarrassed by her actions and by what she made them wear. Mum tried to always have a positive attitude . Mums attitude to show her kids that money isn’t everything. Mums attitude towards her kids

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