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It the Clown

By 16kkandler Nov 02, 2012 568 Words
Three reasons why the clown called it is my favorite movie.

The first reason why the clown called it is my favorite movie is because it is a horror movie. Second reason why is because it has a clown in it (even though I hate clowns). And finally is because it is gruesome.

Three reasons why this movie is scary to me.
The first reason why the movie The Clown Called It is scary is because of the clown It. The second reason why is because its makeup is very uncomfortable. And Last but not least is the shower scene when this boy is getting in the shower and blood is coming out of the shower head and then the clown it ends up in the shower room with the boy. Very scary so that’s why I used to be scared of the shower but I’m fine with it now.

Three reasons why stormy my foster mom should let me watch the movie the clown called it. First is because I know that it is not a true movie
Second I have seen it so many times that it is not scary to me any more And finally is because it makes me happy to be able to watch the scary movies I want as long as it has no sex or naked people.

Intro Par.

The reason why the movie the clown called it is my favorite because it is a scary movie. I really enjoy scary movies because they scare the living daylights out of me and me and my friends get a laugh on how we jumped on each other and choked on the things that we were drinking and eating. We always fall asleep watching a scary and she wakes up to a scary part and wakes me up and when I wake up it is at a scary part so we freak out and run to the kitchen and grab knives, forks, and pots in case something happens to us. Then we go back into the room and sit up on the bed with our weapons held in our hands and pass out. The next morning my nana Rhonda comes into the room and sees the weapons and wakes us up and asks us what was going on last night. We then told her and she gets a laugh out of it. The three reasons why it the clown is my favorite movie is because it is a horror movie. It also has a clown in it (even though I hate clowns). Last is because it is gruesome. Now the reasons why it the clown is scary to me is because it is very awkward to be around clowns after watching IT the movie. Three reasons why my foster mom Stormy should let me watch that movie the clown called it is because first it is not a true movie. Second is because I have seen it so many times that it is not so scary to me anymore. Finally is because it makes me happy to be able to watch a scary movie because I love them as long as there is no sex and or naked people. That makes me able to watch that movie because it has no naked people in it or sex. That is why I love the movie it and why it is my favorite movie.

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