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Course Outline Supplement
ENGL 1177 33687
School of Computing and Academic Studies
Department of English
Part-Time Studies, Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Academic Writing

Instructor: Dr. Chris-Anne Stumpf

Office Hours – after class and by appt

Cell: 778-549-4182

course Description

Please read and have an electronic and/or print copy of the online course outline at readily available for your reference throughout the duration of this course.

This course introduces students to the principles of university-level writing and critical reading. Academic writing focuses on the study and application of the principles of university-level discourse, with particular emphasis on exposition and persuasion. Students will read and analyze essays, and write their own compositions. In several language workshops, students will also learn fundamental strategies for developing an effective prose style. Prerequisite: C+ in Grade 12 English.

See on-line course outline for more detail


Summary:10% (week 4)
Expository Essay:10% (week 7)
Persuasive Essay:15% (week 9)
Research Essay (including outline)20% (week 13)
Final Exam:30% (week 15)
Participation:15% *based on (a) punctual and regular attendance, (b) informed contribution to class discussions and class activities and (c) preparation for class

Grades for this course

The instructor will be giving you a percentage mark for each assignment/exam. For this course, assignments are seldom all good or all bad, so the strengths of a particular assignment must be balanced against its problems to determine the final grade. Therefore, the grade is a considered judgment of the whole assignment, and a placement within a grade range (listed below), rather than a numerical counting up of categories or correction marks and subtracting the total from 100. important areas for grading Purposes that will be considered when determining the final grade for each assignment:

Material/Organization/Style: quality of ideas and analysis; ability to explicitly draw from and apply course content and concepts; quality of evidence and explanations to support interpretations or findings; balance of focus; logical and full development; depth, and breadth; choice of expression and phrasing; clarity and coherence; use of language.

Requirements: follows specific topic requirements and assignment format. Citations: follows assignment requirements for handling citations and reference sources; ideas paraphrased or summarized from others (be they print or internet sources, or course readings), and material copied from others is cited using complete, consistent, and correct MLA or APA citation formats. Mechanics of Writing: competence with basic and advanced grammatical aspects of writing including diction, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling; competence with structural aspects of composition such as organization, paragraphing, connections, and coherence. Required Textbooks:

(1) Readings for English 1177 – Academic Writing (most recent edition; custom courseware available at the BCIT bookstore)

(2) Faigley, Lester. Brief Penguin handbook 2nd Cdn. Ed. Pearson, 2010 Other handouts will be distributed throughout the course

Other Required Learning Resources:
A current BCIT library card
Additional texts or information may be supplied by the instructor, and form part of the course material for study and examination. Ability to log in, access, and use my.bcit for sending and receiving emails, selected handouts, and assignment handouts, in case a student misses class or there are class cancellations or announcements Access to the internet

A recent Canadian English to English dictionary

 Attendance and Absence
Attendance will be taken in class. The attendance policy as outlined at BCIT will be used in the course

In case...

Citations: (2) Faigley, Lester. Brief Penguin handbook 2nd Cdn. Ed. Pearson, 2010
Other handouts will be distributed throughout the course
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