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Topics: Video game, Ethics, Massively multiplayer online game Pages: 8 (1657 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mälardalen University
Video Game Violence
Ethical Issues
Based on: Kim Anttila & Thomas Larsson’s materials
‰ An increasingly popular leisure activity
‰ Examples of game violence
‰ Research results on game violence
‰ Effects on individuals and society
‰ Ethical principles
‰ Whose responsibility?
Family, society, game industry
‰ Conclusions
An Increasingly Popular
Leisure Activity
‰ In the U. S. the average 2 – 17 year old child play video games 7 hours a week.
‰ Games in general can of course be beneficial. E.g. games can teach problem solving skills, and even be used as a tool in medical rehabilitation and habilitation.
We will only discuss violent video games!!!
‰ Highly violent games are frequently found among the top 10 best-selling games 5
Game Violence Examples
‰ Highly violent titles arrived in the 1990s
– E.g. Mortal Kombat (1993), Streetfighter, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom
‰ A recent example is Grand Theft Auto (GTA) III
– The game glorifies violence and crime and it degrades
women. Activities include running over bystanders, driving
prostitutes around town, beating people up, killing people, setting bombs, bribing the police. You can have sex with a
prostitute and then kill her to get extra scores.
Game Violence Examples
– In Washington state, a law bill has been signed to ban sales of e.g. GTA III to minors (anyone under 17).
“GTA III is a game so suffused with sadism that its
considerable technical attributes are lost in a nihilistic realm that thumbs its nose at any sense of propriety or responsibility” -- LA Times
on Game Violence
The body of research on the effects of exposure to violent
video games is relatively limited:
– There seems to exist about 30 published studies.
– A majority of them indicate a significant a positive
correlation between violent video gaming and
aggressive behavior.
– Due to some methodological shortcomings, however,
particularly in early studies, some people denies these
– More research is needed.
on Game Violence
In any case, the research literature on the effects of
exposure to TV violence is huge and conclusive
– There is a link between early exposure to TV
violence and real world acts of violence.
– This research suggest that exposure to game
violence results in the same consequences, or even
worse consequences, because of the active learning
nature of video games.9
Research Results
Short term effects
– Exposure to video game violence increases aggressive
thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
– Violent video games tend to decrease pro-social behavior. 10
Research Results
Long term effects
– Involve learning processes which develop knowledge
structures, e.g., perception, interpretation, judgment and
– Subjects may be desensitized to violence, see the world as a more hostile place, and have a tendency to respond
to conflict with aggression (aggressive personality)
– Violent video games teach violent behavioral scripts,
which may become easily accessible in real world
Research Findings
‰ Exposure to violent TV causes increases in aggression and violence and the effects are not small!
‰ Regardless of whether the research method has been
experimental studies, cross-correlation studies, or
longitudinal studies the results are that exposure to media violence increases aggression.
Research Findings
A consensus among experts:
“the data point overwhelmingly to causal connection between media violence and aggressive behavior in some children”
in a joint statement by the following six professional societies: American Psychology Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,...

References: ‰ Basic material:
– MORAL PHILOSOPHY THROUGH THE AGES, James Fieser, Mayfield Publishing Company, 2001
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