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Topics: Active Directory, Group Policy, Windows Server 2008 Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Lab Questions 7-13

Chapter 7

1. In your own words, describe what you learned by completing this lab. I learned about using Group Policy precedence, as well as the Block Inheritance and Enforce settings. 2. If there is a conflict between a setting configured in the Local Computer Policy and a setting configured in a domain-linked GPO, which policy setting will be applied? The domain-linked setting will be applied.

3. If multiple policies are configured at the domain level and you only want one of those policies to flow down to a given OU, what should you do to that OU? What should you do to the policy that you want to flow down? Configure Block Inheritance on the OU, and then configure Enforce on the policy that you wish to flow down. 4. You have two conflicting policies: PolicyA and PolicyB. Each is linked to the same OU named Marketing. PolicyA settings are implemented over PolicyB settings, but you need to implement PolicyB settings instead of PolicyA settings. You do not want to use No Override, because that will affect all child OUs. What should you do? Change the processing order so that PolicyB has precedence over PolicyA. 5. The Enforce setting on a GPO overrides which GPO control measure? It overrides Block Inheritance.

Chapter 8
 1. In your own words, describe what you learned during this lab. I learned about configuring password policies, configuring account lockout policies, configuring file system auditing, configuring folder redirection, and setting disk quotas. 2. When you create a GPO to implement a new password policy, where must you link the GPO to have the policy affect Active Directory domain accounts? The GPO must be linked at the domain level.

3. If you want to configure auditing on domain controllers, where must you create and link a GPO or modify an existing GPO? Use the domain controller's OU.
4. Which items can you redirect under Folder Redirection in Group Policy? You can redirect AppData(Roaming), Desktop, Start Menu,...
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