It Isn’t the End of the World…Yet.

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Graham Mattison
The Bible and Current Events
Position Paper on Biblical Topic
Dr. Kathleen Corley

It isn’t the end of the world…yet.

Many people believe that we are currently in the end times prophesized in the Bible. Although it would be fairly simple to attach biblical significance to events occurring in our current times, it is important to note, a great multitude of people, throughout the centuries, have searched within their own times for signs of the coming apocalypse. All who claimed to have found the smoking gun that proved we were in the end times have been wrong. We know this because the world still exists, and we’re still here in it. The problem that occurs when people want to prove something is that they often focus solely on the things that are in agreement with their beliefs. Much of the time, either purposefully or by accident, anything that might be used to contradict their beliefs is ignored. What I will attempt to prove in this paper is that the signs of the apocalypse were not meant as a means of predicting the end of the world. Instead, the signs of the apocalypse we’re intended to prepare us for the consequences of knowing when the world ends.

In 2004 scientists discovered an asteroid 1,300 feet across that will miss the earth in 2029 by about 30,000 miles, which is lower than the orbit of the world’s communications satellites. The heralding of Armageddon may begin in 2029, not with an impact, but with the knowledge of an impact to come on April 13, 2036. The name of the asteroid is Apophis, which is derived from the Egyptian god Apep, “the destroyer who dwells in eternal darkness.” (Lawler) Right now the chances of impact are 1 in 45,000, but if the gravitational pull of the earth affects it’s trajectory the way scientist think it might, those chances could very well increase. Never before have humans been able to predict how the tribulation might start and never before have humans had a reason to think that Armageddon might be at the root of what causes the tribulation.

If an asteroid or comet was discovered to be on a collision course with the earth it is easy to see how it might start World War III. For instance, what would America do if their was an asteroid that was detected 20 or 30 years in advance, such as Apophis, and was on a collision course with earth. The obvious answer would be to attempt to stop it. Making things more complicated, what if It was determined to be small enough that it would only be a regional threat and not a global killer, as in the case of Apophis in 2036, and it was expected to land somewhere to the east of Europe, possibly Asia? America and Israel have many enemies east of Europe – Iran, Afghanistan, Korea, and to some extent Russia and China as well. It would not be inconceivable then to imagine that we might not be willing to spend billions of dollars to try and save one of our enemies.

If it was known in advance that Apophis or another asteroid was going to specifically impact the nation of China for instance, the people of China are not going to stay there and wait to die. They are going to leave. If they try to go east they’ll hit the pacific, so the only way they can go is west. In a time of crisis such as this it is not unthinkable that Red China’s military would be called into action to keep order. The population of China is now well over 1 billion strong. It is not inconceivable that the communist government of “Red” China could institute a draft and raise an army of 300 million or larger. As the populations of China and its neighboring countries moved west, away from the path of destruction, billions of people would be displaced causing conflict and famine across the continent. In this scenario, because China is able to see its destruction coming in advance, it thrusts an entire continent and billions of lives into conflict.

How this would relate to the biblical account of the end of days is actually quite remarkable. When...
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