It Isn't Fair

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: July 28, 2011
1. Indicate Mary’s attitudes before and after meeting Sue. If there was any change, why?

After meeting Sue, Mary’s attitude changed tremendously. Mary seemed very excited after leaving the meeting, but once she talked to Sue and found out what salary she received once she was hired he attitude quickly changed. Her attitude change because of difference of pay, she did not see it as ‘fair.’ Following her review and the 10% pay raise she had received, Mary salary was still a little less than Sue’s. Sue had recently started and Mary had already been employed with the company for about a year and established herself, Sue had not and that is another reason she more than likely upset about the salary difference. Mary and Sue had similar backgrounds and experience brought to the company, but Mary was hired a year prior and it is up to the company’s discretion for the pay and Mary should not be upset with Sue. In addition, Mary’s attitude should have changed the way she views the company, not Sue. Sue had nothing to do with the salary it was the company’s decision, it may not be fair but it is part of life. Mary should be happy for herself for getting a decent job straight out of college, since it is difficult to find one in today’s current economic struggles.

2. What do you think Mary will do now? Later?

I think Mary may confront her boss even though it would not be in her best interest to do so. I do not think she should confront them right away because he has multiple emotions running through her and Mary may say something she does not truly mean, and if it is bad enough she could lose her job because she let her emotions get the best of her. Most employers do not have a set pay for every person that is a new hire and each person receives a different salary. If anything once Mary’s emotions calm down a little, she should talk to someone who may have been in a similar situation (no one at her employers office), a friend, and find out if she has something...
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