It Is a Must Having a Personal Computer in College

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Microprocessor Pages: 9 (2679 words) Published: December 11, 2012

Background of the Study
The first computers were people. That is, electronic computers were given this name because they performed the work that had previously been assigned to people. "Computer" was originally a job title: it was used to describe those human beings whose job it was to perform the repetitive calculations required to compute such things as navigational tables, tide charts, and planetary positions for astronomical almanacs. Imagine you had a job where hour after hour, day after day, you were to do nothing but compute multiplications. Boredom would quickly set in, leading to carelessness, leading to mistakes. And even on your best days you wouldn't be producing answers very fast. Therefore, inventors have been searching for hundreds of years for a way to mechanize this task.

Before, the computers can only be accessed by very limited number of people. Mostly it is only used for government purposes or for huge businesses, because these machines were very expensive and very huge. No one had imagined that these machines would multiply in number and would be available for almost all households.

In this generation, computers are essential to fulfill tasks that require calculations takes too much time when being done manually. This task includes paper works, file management, and other research activities. Not only is that it is needed for office or government works, computers are also needed for educational purposes. Because, the requirements for the subjects had evolved from hand or type written reports to computerized ones. Objective of the Study

The objective of this survey is to be able to know the student’s opinion regarding the importance of having a personal computer at home during college. Also, to determine which is more preferable for the students, whether to have a personal computer at home or to rent a computer in computer shops.

Statement of the Problem
The main problem of this study is to determine of is it a having a Personal Computer at Home while in College especially the study sought to answer the following questions. 1. Is it a must having a personal computer at home while in college? 2. If they have a personal computer at home.

3. What are the advantages of having a personal computer? 4. Which is more convenient, if it is buying a computer or renting? 5. There opinion of is it a must having a personal computer while in college.

Significance of the Study
The result of this study may benefit the following individual and group of people: Incoming College Students: This survey would be able to help the incoming students for them to know the importance of computer in college life. Future Researcher: This will give valuable insight that can be useful for the future researchers that may serve as a basis for deeper study about the importance of the computer for college students. Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study focuses on the importance of having a personal computer at home while in college, on first year and second year student’s point of view.
This study will no longer discuss other topics regarding how much the computers are being used in college life also, the other topics about the types of computers usually used at home.

Hypothesis and Assumptions
The researchers assume that having a personal computer at home is a must in college life, because it is inconvenient to rent computers every time the students need to fulfill their course requirements.

Definition of terms
This study includes words that may need further explanation in order to fully understand the concept and idea how they were used in this research. Some of the words that follows were defined based on how they were used in the study. Electronic Computers. This will be used a machine for performing calculations automatically Computer. It is the device capable of accepting data in the form of facts and figures, manipulating them in a prescribed way, and supplying the...
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