It Is Okay to Pretend

Topics: Need, Interpersonal relationship, Want Pages: 2 (945 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Annejelica Joyce Tan
Pretending is okay

Life is full of choices, full of situations. Where sometimes all our way to run away is by pretending. Pretending is one way of escaping. People tend to pretend when they are trapped in two situation and they need to pretend to escape. Pretending is also one way not to hurt people. For example: there are instances that in a family that the father does not love her wife anymore. But they have their children and he wants to remain with his family because of his obligation as a father so what will happen is that he will pretend as if he is still in love with her wife. In some point it is wrong but all he wants is his children will grow up with a complete family and he does not want to break his family. With this there is a big chance that by pretending there will be a possibility that he will fall in love again with his wife. Yes he is wrong, he is being stupid but because he loves his children all he what is to save his family and he sacrifice his happiness just to continue his family and try his best to communicate well with his wife and try if their relationship can prolong. In the second scenario, you saw a man being stabbed by a snatcher and you want to help the person but because of your fear you pretend that you do not see the crime and when the snatcher run away and the guy died the policeman ask you if you know what happened in the said crime but you denied. You denied so meaning to say you pretend! You pretend that as if nothing happened. But why? Why he needs to pretend if he can say the truth. Simply because you do not what to be involve with the scene because you are afraid that the snatcher might come after you. In this kind of situation you are only thinking of your own safety. It is better to take your mouth shut than sacrificing your life. Pretending is okay especially if it’s for your own good and good of others. Sometimes in friendship, you have a friend and there is one attitude that you do not want to...
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