It Is Impossible to Free India from the Grip of Corruption

Topics: Bribery, Political corruption, Corruption Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: June 23, 2013
India was once considered as the Golden Bird as it was rich in resources and cultural heritage. Allured by these affluences foreigners who came to our motherland to establish business eventually invaded and ruled us for over 200 years. With an optimistic attitude we finally drove them out. But we did not appear to learn our lesson and today we are back into the clutches of yet another invader, corruption which we can and must battle out.

Who are responsible for corruption? Is it only the leaders who devise feeble laws to protect their self-interest, or is it the official who uses loopholes of such laws to their benefit. Is it they who merely follow laws as they have to or is it they who bear the burden of corruption remain a silent spectator without any hesitation or protest? Friends, we all are responsible because we all fit into either of these and together we have made a system, The Corrupt System.

One of my learned friends has just said that corruption cannot be eradicated. But I would like to say that the fight against corruption begins at home. We as an individual should be aware of our rights and duties, pay our taxes honestly, obviate paying bribes or receive unwarranted favours and gratification. Exercise our fundamental right to vote dutifully and elect leaders of honest morale and rigidly raise our voice against corrupt practices whenever and wherever we come across.

Fanned by Anna Hazare’s campaign to make India a corruption free country or Baba Ramdev’s crusade to reinstate black money, the nation has kindled into a raging fire. Sense of patriotism has become evident in manifolds among all class of people. Nationwide people, various organizations and media have strongly exhibited their response, the least we can do is at least support for their noble cause. And this is the beginning of a revolution for the change immutable to have a corruption free India.

The need of the hour is to have ethical and patriotic youths of good...
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